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Adding a listing from an Android Phone

To create a new listing begin from the "Sellers Tools" on the navy blue navigational bar. A drop down box will appear, then click either Add Gun Listing or Add Gun Related Listing. If you do not have a method of payment on, a pop up will come up to fill in your credit card information. Once the information is on file, you may proceed to the add gun listing or add gun related listing. 

Once you have clicked the appropriated add listing button, the Listing form will pop up. 
1. Choose from the drop down menu the category you would like your gun (item) listed in. If you would like it listed in a second category then choose another from the second category drop down list. 
2. Fill in the title description, this would be the maker, model and gauge or caliber for example. 
3. If you have your own inventory control numbers this field has been provided as your listing number. A number will also be generated in your listing for reference purposes. 
4.Complete the Description box with relevant information you would like a buyer to know about this gun. 
5. Enter a price using a $ in the Price box. 
6. Check the boxes Curio & Relic or Antique if they apply so that your listing will be included in a Curio & Relic or Antique search. 
7. If completing the Preset listing portion on the add gun listing, fill in any fields that apply. The Preset Listing page has the extra option of having the pre set fields separated out in your listing. No field on the pre sets is required, as it is a universal gun listing page. 

Photo uploads:

  • Click on photo upload option B
  • Click the upload link next to Picture 1 (or the next available image slot)
  • Click the choose file button on the new tab that opens

To select images that are on your phone:
  •     Click on the "documents" action
  •     In the top left drop down select camera or images (it may already be selected)
  •     Click on an image, or click on a folder of many images
  •     Click on the image you want in the folder and you will be taken back to the Upload       image tab.
  •     Click the "upload the file" button.
  •     Wait until the image finishes uploading.
  •     The tab you are on will close and you will see the previous page you were on with a   thumbnail of the image you just took in the slot (picture 1).
  •     Repeat process until you have uploaded all your images for this listing.

    *If you have selected an incompatably named file from your phone you will receive an error message.  Click on the browser back button and select a different image file off your phone. 
Guns International Advertising Policy
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