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Can I sell a gun here?

If you are knowledgeable about the guns and can answer a buyers questions then the best way is to sell them is on   By selling them yourself on you will achieve 90% of the dealer retail value.  If you have a dealer consign them you will receive approximately 70 -80% and to sell them outright to a dealer you would receive 50-60%.
The SELLING PROCESS is actually quite simple on If you can legally own a gun then you can sell your gun(s) on  When a buyer browses guns for sale on they may click the photo, title or the word "more", which is highlighted in blue on the gun listing that they are interested in.  This will bring up the entire listing with all the details the seller has written on the gun or gun related item, as well as all photos that were entered by the seller with the listing. The photos may be enlarged by clicking on them.  Within the entire listing there is a “Contact Seller” form located in the lower right, that may be filled in with any questions concerning the gun, offers made or to ask any delivery questions on the gun. Before finalizing the sale we strongly recommend that you speak to the buyer via phone.  In addition, we recommend that you never release personal banking information. is strictly a classified listing service and the transaction is between the buyer and the seller. Here is a link to our Tutorial videos....within minutes you can be on your way to listings and selling your guns and gun parts.  Tutorial Videos

SELLER PRICING   Seller pricing has 3 options  1. Basic: $12 per listing and includes 15 photos per listing.  2. Premium $19.99 monthly fee plus $10 per listing and added benefits. Includes 20 photos per listing.  3. Platinum $199 per month, up to 500 gun listings live at any one time, all inclusive with 25 photos per listing. Call us for custom pricing on larger inventories  Contact Us     Link to  Complete Pricing

  • Option 1 - Check out the gun’s for sale on for a pricing comparison.  Click here to go to  home page and browse the many categories to see guns similar to yours listed for sale. Click on a category that matches your gun. i.e. Luger Pistols, Parker Shotguns, Winchester Rifle Pre 64 Model 70 etc.  Once you find a comparable gun click on the photo or title for the complete listing to come up. With the complete listing up you may also click on the photo thumb nails to enlarge. Once you find a match you will have a good idea of the value of your firearm. 
  • Option 2 - You may utilize our Affiliate's online pricing The Blue Book of Gun Values.  One of the most well respected names in gun pricing.
  • Option 3 - For $75 per gun our experts will assist in pricing. To begin, Email Us detailed photos with a complete description of your firearms (Form included in the Email Us link).  If your email server has a problem with the "Email Us" Link click here > Appraisal FAQ, copy and paste the form to an email, add your answers and your photos and email in to us.  Also, complete the free registration with  Once your appraisal is completed the card you placed on file with your registration will be charged the appraisal fee of $75 per gun.  Click here to Register. Be sure to include your phone contact information with your appraisal request. 
Along with payment from the buyer you need to request a copy of the FFL license for the FFL that will accept the gun and transfer the gun to the buyer. In almost all cases, with the exception of antiques, the transfer of a firearm requires the assistance of a local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer (FFL).  More than likely the buyer would need to arrange for a local FFL to accept the gun for them and to complete the transfer.  If the buyer does not have a local FFL they may use our FFL search to find one in their area that would be willing to complete the transfer. Fees vary widely for this service so they may wish to check with a few.

On the left side of the Web site there is a red button titled “Gun Links” that will assist a seller or buyer with following all the applicable state and federal laws.  Buyers and Sellers are required to know and comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws. ATF Q&A's link  ATF Firearms Q&A's    NRA Laws link NRA Gun Laws ATF State Laws Link ATF State by State Law.

To REGISTER, click on the red Free Registration button on the left side of the web site and complete the registration form. At this time you also need to check the boxes next to your personal information that you would like displayed in your personal listings. You will not need to enter this information about yourself again, as when you sign in this information will automatically load into any new listings you create. This information or your choice to display it in your listing may be edited at any time by going to your profile, found under Sellers Tools, on the navy blue navigational bar at the top of the web site.
Link to Add Gun Listing Video

Under Sellers Tools: click on Seller Tools, and then click either Add Gun Listing, Add Gun Part & Accessory Listing or Service Listing, depending on the type of listing that you are adding. The Listing page will open. Choose from the drop down menu the category you would like your gun (item) listed in. If you would like it listed in a second category then choose another from the second category drop down list. Fill in the title description, this would be the maker, model and gauge or caliber. If you have your own inventory control numbers this field has been provided as your listing number. A number will also be generated in your listing for reference purposes. Complete the Description box with relevant information you would like a buyer to know about this gun. Enter a price in the Price box. Check the boxes Curio & Relic or Antique if they apply. This will include your listing in searches for Curio & Relic or Antique. If you would like automatic bullet points complete the Preset listing section. Complete any pertinent fields for your gun in the Preset listing portion. Only the fields filled in will appear in the listing by bullet points.  Lastly, you need to complete the photo uploads. One word of advice here, photos sell guns and be sure to take advantage of all image slots. Also, don't redirect someone to a photo site or say you will email more....that is a road block to sales.
Adding Photo instructions:
Select the photo off your computer to upload to the server.
Recommended picture size is 1500 pixels wide. We can accept jpeg, jpg, gif and png files only.
Anything smaller will not be increased in size to preserve clarity and will be smaller on the site.
Anything larger than 1500 pixels will be downsized and may increase upload time.
Option A Multi Photo Upload Instructions
  1. Click Option A Upload Tab below.
  2. Click the Green "Add Images" button below.
  3. The File Upload box will open. Locate the images that you wish to upload for this listing. (Images must be saved to your hard drive or another storage device connected to your computer)
  4. Hold down your control (CTRL) button and left click, or drag and highlight on all the images you wish to use on this listing.
  5. Click the open button in the bottom right corner.
  6. You will see the upload progress. When complete all image thumbnails will display a delete button next to the image.
  7. You may now drag the images to different positions to change the order, or leave them in the order they loaded. NOTE the photo in position one will be your lead photo in the preview, therefore, have the first photo be your best.
  8. When you are finished, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "add listing" button.
  9. This process may take a while, WAIT until all images have loaded before clicking the "add Listing" Button.  You will know they have fully loaded when you see a red trash can next to every photo.   
When you offer an item for sale through, you must be prepared to sell that item at the price at which, and the terms on which, you've listed it. All items offered for sale on must be owned by or legally consigned to the seller. Each gun listing must represent a specific gun with it’s own specific serial number. NO Manufacturer stock photos allowed. New gun listings may only represent 20% of a sellers listings on To list an item for sale on, sellers are required to provide certain identifying and contact information. The information must accurately identify the seller. You may not use our website to promote, without our prior written permission, any other website, product or service.
Link to the Sellers Tutorial: Sellers Tutorial     If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to call our offices 727-786-7441, Hours of support M-F 9am-6pm EST

Guns International Advertising Policy
This site's purpose is to bring gun buyers and gun brokers or sellers together by advertising guns or gun related items and services for sale online. If you are looking to buy guns in America or Internationally, you have come to the right place. Guns International makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of the information contained in the gun classifieds, gun related or gun services classifieds listed on this site. Buyers and sellers are required to know and comply with all applicable local, state and federal firearm laws.