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Replica Firearms - Non-Firing
This rapid fire non gun and revolutionary rifle was used in the Civil War and the American Frontier and has been featured in numerous Western Movies. The tubular magazine under the 24" octagonal ...Click for more info
Seller: River Junction Trade Co.
Area Code: 563
Assorted Civil War non guns Bargain deal PAYMENT Cash, postal money order, cashiers check, personal & business checks. May order at riverjucntion on-line with credit card.   ...Click for more info
Seller: River Junction Trade Co.
Area Code: 563
Springfield,   non-firing training rifle,  Model Trapdoor,  wooden model,  do not know mfg.,   needs minor mechanical work to operate firing mechanism (missing screw ...Click for more info
Seller: Maryland Arms Company
Area Code: 410
This is a fully functional 1911 that was turned into a Movie Prop Pistol by the addition of a Blank Firing Barrel. This is the gun that was carried and used by Kim Basinger in the Movie \"The Getaway ...Click for more info
Seller: Puglisi Gun Emporium
Area Code: 218
You cannot buy a more authentic, realistic model of the infamous Schmeisser" than this. Not a cheap Asian plastic knock-off, this is almost all metal (zinc), except for lower grip frame, weighs a ...Click for more info
Area Code: 401
Japanese Replica 1911A1 Non-Gun. This is a non firing fake gun. ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713