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Navy Arms Revolvers
Replica Colt 1861 Navy. Very Good Condition. Modern Percussion Cap Revolver. 44 Caliber BLACK POWDER ONLY 8 Inch Barrel Case Colored Frame Brass Trigger Guard Unmarked As To Manufactur ...Click for more info
Seller: Custom Shop Inc
Area Code: 406
Navy Arms - Black Powder - -   Item Number: NAV1627 Barrel length: 8 Finish: Blue Lop: NA Lbs: |/22|  Ozs: 6 Overall condition: Very Good Stock condit ...Click for more info
Seller: Griffin & Howe
Area Code: 908
Replica 1858 Remington Army Model .44 pistol by Navy Arms. 2 pounds 9 ounces. This gun is 98 + % with only a ring on the cylinder from being turned. Bright bore and excellent blue. 8 inch barrel. No p ...Click for more info
Seller: DEK
Area Code: 828