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Ruger Revolvers - Percussion
NICE USED RUGER OLD ARMY STAINLESS 1ST YEAR PRODUCTION  $ 35.00 Shipping ...Click for more info
Seller: Jenkins Guns LLC
Area Code: 314
Holiday Special: Free Shipping and No Credit Card Fees Till 01/01/2016 Ruger Brass Frame Old Army 2nd year .44 percussion. Correct coded brass frame. Faint drag line and appears unfired rates 99%. No ...Click for more info
Seller: Vintage Arms of Illinois
Area Code: 847
sale pending
Ruger Old Army .44 Caliber BRASS FRAME Black Powder percussion revolver. This gun was made in 1973,the 2nd year of production of the Ruger Old Army. It is 100% New and unfired in the original matchi ...Click for more info
Seller: Clyde Sansom
Area Code: 314
Seller: Cabelas Boise
Area Code: 208
Was $2399.99 Now $2289.99
Very nice condition, does not appear fired but has been turned. There are a few small marks on the gun. ...Click for more info
Seller: Cabelas Owatonna
Area Code: 507