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Heym Drilling - Combination
 Heym best grade 20X20X270 gauge side by side drilling with world class deep relief engraving that has unmatched detail. The wood is very nice. It has always been stored in climate controlle ...Click for more info
Seller: Famars_USA
Area Code: 855
$20,000.00 USD
#55751, Heym O/U Combination 20 Bore over a 9.3 x 74R on their Kersten Action Body & Made in 1978, It is with 25" Extractor Krupp Steel barrels with a full length solid rib with 1 two way fol ...Click for more info
Seller: Champlin
Area Code: 580
Heym Combination Gun in 16 gauge 2 3/4" over .222 Remington,  scroll engraved with buck and boar,  bright boxlock receiver,  alloy trigger plate, double triggers with rifle set, ho ...Click for more info
Seller: 1ein
Area Code: 772
Jaw-dropping setup incl 5 sets of barrels, 4 superb scopes, all fitted to a pinless sidelock ejector receiver appropriately engraved with game scenes illustrating the many uses for which this set was ...Click for more info
Seller: doublegunhq
Area Code: 325
HEYM 2 barrel shotgun and combonation gun, drilling, One barrel is 30-06 ovr 16 gauge and the other barrel is 16 over 16 gauge, about 6 pounds, perhaps the best american caliber with england bird guag ...Click for more info
Seller: jack's Drilling guns
Area Code: 206
Seller: Cabelas Acworth
Area Code: 470
Was $1999.99 Now $1629.66
This gun is in excellent condition, and doesn't show many signs of wear. The metal looks good, but shows very early signs of speckling on the barrel along the fore end. The trigger guard has start ...Click for more info
Seller: Cabelas Wichita
Area Code: 316
Was $6999.88 Now $6309.66
Wm. Heym, Suhl, full & full drilling, 16x16x9.3x72R, 27″ barrels, 2 3/4″ chambers, excellent ...Click for more info
Area Code: 334
Heym Royal Double Rifle Drilling .375 Flanged Magnum - 20/76 Hand Bolino Engraving by Hendrik Fruehauf   This drilling started out as a special order model 37 B SS Sidelock with Self Cocker a ...Click for more info
Seller: Merkelguns
Area Code: 870