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  I am able to import/export to and from U.S AND U.K for Canadians, ( long guns only, antique and modern, no handguns,)  If anyone is in need of this service, please let me ...Click for more info
Seller: LGM
Area Code: 905
GI#: 100306949
CC Intnl will not even waste our time in communicating if you and or your client meet any of the restrictions on this list, secondly CC Intnl reserves the right to refuse our exporting service to any ...Click for more info
Seller: CC Intnl
Area Code: 281
Griffin & Howe can assist you in the import or export of sporting shotguns and rifles that you own, or are purchasing.  We apply for any necessary permit(s) through the federal government und ...Click for more info
Seller: Griffin & Howe
Area Code: 908
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GI#: 100162952
We are US licensed professional importers and exporters of firearms and firearm-related components, parts, and accessories, including barrels. The biggest cost factor is almost always shipping - ...Click for more info
Area Code: 253