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The Fine Custom Kentucky Flintlock Pistol by Alvin A. White GI# 100148403 has been sold.
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Muzzleloading Pistols - Modern & Replica Flint
45 Cal; Good bore, good stock, 7.25'' barrel, Custom handmade/assembled flintlock pistol, brass mounted in a birchwood stock with ocatgon barrel having fixed sights. A name "BLACK" i ...Click for more info
Seller: Simpson Ltd
Area Code: 309
Flintlock Spring Gun. Used against poachers and grave robbers. See Firearms Curios by Winant. This is a classic oddity trap gun. Ex. Hary Mann Collection. ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Inspired by the original firearms built by H.W. Mortimer of London, this reproduction flintlock English dueling pistol was manufactured by Davide Pedersoli of Italy.  The stock is made ...Click for more info
Seller: KCEbel
Area Code: 904
Pedersoli's Navy Moll .45 Caliber Flintlock Pistol features an elegant maple stock with a satin finish.  This pistol has a full length stock with a birdshead type grip.  The 10 3/8&rdquo ...Click for more info
Seller: KCEbel
Area Code: 904
This 18th century style Kentucky flintlock pistol was hand assembled by contemporary artisan R. Hetrick using a curly maple stock stained brown with golden undertones and brass furniture with a hand b ...Click for more info
Seller: KCEbel
Area Code: 904
This excellent Georgian flintlock pistol was hand made by contemporary artisan Taylor Anderson using a decoratively carved curly maple stock and engraved silver furniture.  The pistol has a ...Click for more info
Seller: KCEbel
Area Code: 904
    Custom built early 19th century flintlock pistol. Fashioned after a post trader’s sidearm.  Built by master riflesmith Tom Hardy, Billings, Montana.  Pistol is ...Click for more info
Seller: 93mauser
Area Code: 406
Cased set of two mint condition Pedersoli Le Page Target International Flintlock Pistols in rifled .44 caliber.  Original boxes, manuals and DVDs are included with each pistol.  Both si ...Click for more info
Seller: KCEbel
Area Code: 904
This .36 caliber Virginia rifle has a P+++ grade Maple stock and an Oregon Barrel Co 3/4" x 37" browned barrel with 1:48 twist. It is fitted with iron furniture. The Smal ...Click for more info
Seller: The Gun Works
Area Code: 541
Condition: Very good - in box. Manufactured by: Waffenschmiede im Zeughaus Uberlingen, Germany Pieces: 1  Stock: European Walnut Barrel Length: 9-1/2in Caliber:  ...Click for more info
Seller: The Gun Works
Area Code: 541
For sale is a Christian’s Spring influenced longrifle made by Edward Wenger. The 38” Colerain swamped barrel is .54 caliber. The bore is excellent, bright and shiny. The early Germanic loc ...Click for more info
Seller: hkarl
Area Code: 781
From a mid-west estate sale, a 45 cal. antique miniature boys rifle with a 19" half round half octagon barrel. The walnut full stock is in excellent condition with no cracks or chips (see photos). ...Click for more info
Seller: tlriver
Area Code: 816

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