Aramberri Mach (Perazzi MT 6 Clone)
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This Spanish Aramberri "Mach" has been in my personal shotgun collection for over 40 years since my dad bought it for me brand new in 1978 at home in Germany when I got my first gun and hunting license. I never shot this Aramberri much because I have a 1963 F/N B-25 Trap that was always my favorite on the range and in the field. So this cool Spanish over/under sat in my gun cabinet for her entire life.

The Aramberri Mach is virtually a 100% Perazzi MT-6 clone with the classic Perazzi-used British Boss & Co style barrel and lock up mechanism. These Aramberri shotguns were sold across Europe in the 70s and in the US as Pedersen Model 1500 shotguns.
I imported this gun after I moved to the US in the '90s. It has hardly been shot. There have been maybe 200 rounds through it max. and it is in excellent condition. There is no rust anywhere; the break barrel action Boss style lock is super tight like a brand new gun.

  • 12 gage
  • Weight: approx. 6.8 lbs.
  • 74 cm (29.13") barrels
  • 2 3/4 chambered (70mm)
  • Choke:
  • Lower BBL EU choke markings: 1/4 choke (****) = US Improved Cylinder choke
  • Upper BBL EU choke markings: 3/4 choke (**) = US Improved Modified choke
Aramberri HISTORY: This Aramberri Mach is a gun with an interesting history. The Aramberri Company was founded in the early 70s in Eibar, Spain, basque country by Victor Aramberri after leaving his job as a designer working for Perazzi. He began making a high quality Perazzi MT-6 clone (and some side x sides) under the Aramberri name before shuttering the Aramberri brand in 1980 because of money trouble and investor disputes. Aramberri's company and designs were swallowed up by AyA in about 1980 and this gun was relaunched as the AyA MD2. It is said that Victor Aramberri either helped to establish or simply joined Kemen after DIARM, which launched the Kemen KM-4 which is a version of this Aramberri. It is here were my research loses track of Victor Aramberri. Soon after taking over Aramberri, AyA, and 20some other very small Spanish shotgun makers (i.e. Aguirre y Aranzabal (AyA), Gaspar Arizaga, Francisco Sarriugarte, Martin Ugarteburu, Gregorio San Martin, and Miguel Larranaga) joined the stateanized and controlled "Desarrollo de Industrias Armeras" (DIARM) group that was founded by the Spanish government to provide modern equipment and liquidity to these small cash strapped companies. Sadly only a few of all of these gun manufacturers that joined DIARM survived this state-run experiment when it wnded just few years later, but this Aramberri gun design did survive. A new Aguirre y Aranzabal (AyA) company emerged from DIARM, founded by Imanol Aranzabal, who bought the rights to the name and maker’s mark of AyA and which still exists making premier shotguns today. Francisco Sarriugarte together with Servando Corbillion reappeared as Armas Kemen in Basque country as well and are still in business today making high-quality and very expensive shotguns. So after all this shotgun design by Victor Aramberri, the Aramberri Mach, continued on as the AyA MD 2 (no longer in production, but AyA's current guns are derivatives of the Aramberri) and the Kemen KM-4 (still produced today as the KM-4 Eder). All of these three basic shotgun designs, beginning with the Aramberri Mach as the first Perazzi MT-6 clone, the AyA MD 2 that came from the Aramberri take over by AyA, and the Kemen KM-4 that was supposedly designed by Victor Aramberri after AyA took over his company, are literally identical to each other and based on Aramberri's design so much that parts are interchangeable between them. With Boss locks and a fixed trigger group the Aramberri Mach is really a budget Perazzi MT-6 of solid quality.

TERMS TERMS TERMS !!! - S&H is flat $40 uninsured / $60 insured to the lower US - "Restrictive state" sale (e.g. CA) possible for $40 surcharge as this transaction must be handled through an NC FFL (Please inquire first if you reside in a "restrictive state")- Price is cash/check/money order; PayPal payment incurs 3% transaction fee!

Price: $999

Manufacturer: Aramberri
Model: Mach
Chambers: 2 3/4
Ejectors: Yes
Condition: Used
Wood Condition: Very Good
Bore Condition: Excellent
Barrels: 74 cm
Action: Boss
Gauge Info: 12
LOP: 14.5
Rib: Vent
Weight: 6.8
Manufacture Date: approx. 1978
Chokes: LM/Full
Proof:Nitro: Nitro