1861 Colt Special “Artillery Model“ .58 Caliber Two Band Rifle (NSSA Shooter)
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1861 Colt Special “Artillery Model“ .58 Caliber Two Band Rifle (NSSA Shooter)

History of the original gun (from NRA museum summary):
Colt Special Model 1861 Contract Rifle-Musket
Colt patterned this rifled musket on the British Enfield Model 1853 design. Some of its design features were later incorporated into the U.S. Model 1861 rifle. Among these were the "S"-shaped hammer, the elimination of the bolster clean-out screw, and split barrel bands which were secured by screws rather than bandsprings. Although of similar design, parts were not interchangeable between the Colt Special Musket and the U.S. Models 1861 and 1863 Rifle-Muskets.
Colt Model 1861 Special Muskets were produced throughout the Civil War period. Colt contracts with Federal and state governments resulted in the manufacture of approximately 100,000 muskets. These arms had some features common to the British Enfield rifle-muskets that were widely imported during the War. Among these were the S-shaped hammer (later adopted for the U.S. Model 1863 Rifle-Musket), and the use of screws rather than springs to secure the barrel bands. The general shape of the stock, the .58 caliber bore, and the short-base three-leaf rear sight were all similar to those of the U.S. Model 1861 Rifle-Musket.
Although Colt was the largest single manufacturer of these arms, other contractors, including Amoskeag and E. G. Lamson, produced an additional 50,000 Model 1861 Special Muskets.

History of this gun:
The 3- band and 2-band reproductions of the Colt Special were produced during the 1990’s by Chattahoochee BPS Company, as part of the Colt Signature Series. Shortly after production began, the guns were approved as authentic reproductions of the originals and approved for use in competition by the North South Skirmish Association. I purchased this one new and off the shelf from the company’s sutler stall at the North South Skirmish Association Fall Nationals competition in 1992. It was the first gun I ever used in NSSA competition.
Work on the gun has been as follows:  the barrel was crowned and glass bedded, a trigger job was done to NSSA specs, a raised front sight was installed, and a quality and correct replacement rear flip sight was installed. I also matched the gun up with a new brass shooter’s tulip ramrod.
I medaled with this gun over several years, before starting to acquire and workup other guns to shoot. It has been pushed farther back in the toy chest through the years as I have continued to apply my time to new acquisitions. Because of its relatively light weight and secure feel, I have always dug it out when I was asked to introduce a newbie to black powder shooting.
The only target I have for this gun is a sight in of 10 rounds, shot on the occasion of replacing the front sight post and adjusting POA back in 2008.  However, it should suffice to show the quality of grouping I was getting with an RCBS hodgson .575 bullet over 41 grains of 3F Goex.  
The bore is bright with good lands and grooves. All mechanical functions remain good. The exterior of the gun shows some slight metal color speckling in places, some minor dings on the stock and fore end, two scratches behind the tang, and nipple fire mark behind the bolster. Overall it is a used but not abused gun, that remains intact and honest.
This gun was put together for NSSA competition, and is sold for that purpose or as a collection piece for a non-shooter.

Price: $750, plus shipping (see terms of sale below).

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Price: $750

Curio/Relic: Yes
Antique: Yes