RARE Bergmann Model 1896 "No.3" Automatic in the 6.5mm Bergmann Cartridge
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The Bergmann Model 1896 was a 19th century semi-automatic pistol developed by German designer Louis Schmeisser and sold by Theodore Bergmann's company.  It was a competitor to the Mauser C96 Broomhandle and the Borchardt C-93 pistols but never achieved the same level of success as the latter.  The Model 1896 No.3 was built both by Bergmann Industriewerke and then later under license by Charles V. Scilling of Suhl, Germany with approx. 4,400 of the No.3 models built in total.  The No.3 1896 was a straight blowback operated semi-automatic pistol that had a built-in box magazine that held 5 round stripper clips.  After firing the last round the empty stripper clip would fall out of the bottom of the magazine well.  The 6.5mm Bergmann cartridge that the No.3 was chambered in was a bottle necked and steeply conical cartridge that was semi-rimmed.  While the Model 1896 No.3 did have a small extractor, much of the extraction and ejection was a result of blow-back from the fired cartridge rather than mechanical extraction.  Interestingly enough, the early 6.5mm Bergmann cartridges didn't have a rim and the first Bergmann pistol models did not have an extractor for this very reason.  The No.3 Model 1896 Bergmann featured a polished blue finish with some strawed small parts, and checkered Walnut grips.  It had a thumb operated safety lever mounted on the left side of the frame, and the barrel was held in via a screw and lug mounted under the rear of the barrel.  To open and load the magazine, the knurled tabs at the bottom of the mag well are pushed to the right and the whole right side pivots down to allow access.  To cock the pistol and load a cartridge into the chamber, the knurled tabs at the upper rear of the bolt are grasped and pulled all the way to the rear and released.  To lock the bolt open the same method is used, but the bolt is only pulled 3/4ths of the way to the rear, and the top of the hammer locks into a notch on the bottom of the bolt.  It is released by pulling the bolt fully to the rear.  This particular example of this rare handgun is serial number 3480, and was made by Bergmann Industriewerke.  It has been professionally restored and is very attractive.  Despite being restored, all of the original factory stampings are legible and clean.  The Bergmann Industriewerke's logo on the right rear of the frame is particularly attractive, and all of the small details of the logo are still visible.  The restored blue finish is in excellent condition and does not show any thin spots or marring.  The re-strawed small parts are also in excellent condition, and show a nice bright metallic yellow color.  The checkered Walnut grips are original, and structurally they are in great shape.  They appear free from cracks or repairs, but the fine checkering has been rounded off and they do show wear along with some nicks and bruises.  Everything on this Bergmann seems to work 100% like the day it left the factory.  If one were to find or make some ammo for this pistol, we have no doubt that it would function perfectly.  This Model 1896 No.3 would be an excellent addition to any antique weapons collection.  As one of the first production automatic handguns ever made, it certainly fills a historically important spot in the evolution of the automatic handgun.                    

Price: $4,500.00

Antique: Yes
Manufacturer: Bergmann
Model: Model 1896 or No.3
Serial Number: 3480
Caliber: 6.5mm Bergmann