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GI#: 100709589
1851 Colt Navy, Marked SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY. Serial # 15XXX. All matching serial numbers. Very Good conditon, still retains much of the original silver on trigger guard and grip frame. Has original ...Click for more info
Seller: GunHand
Area Code: 209
$3,600.00 U.S.
Colt D.A. Lightning 1877 Revolver w/ Colt Letter .38 caliber 3 1/2" barrel Colt D. A. .38 is done in the rare Acid Etched on the side of barrel Has Colt letter with information that was ...Click for more info
Seller: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
Area Code: 417
Colt Pistols - Antique
Cased Colt 1849 fitted with a 4 inch barrel.  The case is in sound condition and includes an attractive powder flask, a Colt bullet mold, an Eley of London percussion cap holder, and cleaning rod ...Click for more info
Seller: Antique & Modern Firearms, Inc.
Area Code: 859
Colt SAA circa 1897 antique   But you can shoot modern Ammo thru it.  Has the smokeless frame.  Slight ring in barrel but shoots great.  Strong action.  If the ring bothers yo ...Click for more info
Seller: Billy
Area Code: 214
Colt Cased Deluxe Factory consecutive pair 41 cal Derringers #16733 & #16734 Great original condition with excellent Colt factory case. Very rare and desireable pair!! ...Click for more info
Seller: Crowley
Area Code: 207
Colt,   semi-automatic pistol,   Model 1902 (MILITARY MODEL),   caliber .38 Rimless Smokeless (.38 ACP),   s/n 34639 (Mfg. 1902-1929),   barrel length ...Click for more info
Seller: Maryland Arms Company
Area Code: 410
Here is a fine example of a First Generation Colt Single Action Model 1873 Revolver "Frontier Six Shooter" and so stamped on the left side of the barrel.  In caliber 44-40 and with a 4 ...Click for more info
Seller: oldcolts
Area Code: 208
This 1849 Colt Pocket revolver was manufactured in 1870.  It has a 4 inch barrel and is in .31 caliber.  It is in fair to good condition.  Most of the cylinder scene is gone, but all of ...Click for more info
Seller: OnMark USA
Area Code: 336
Another great listing from Gainesville Pawn! This is a very unique piece. This 1st generation Colt Single Action Army revolver is chambered in .38 Special. This gun was manufactured at the turn of the ...Click for more info
Seller: GainesvillePawn
Area Code: 352
The last of the so called conversions because they utilized some left over parts from the civil war 1860 Model Colt, these guns were actually the first of the metallic cartridge handguns made by Colt ...Click for more info
Seller: Antique & Modern Firearms, Inc.
Area Code: 859
.41 rimfire, 2 1/2" barrel finished blue, nickel frame, casehardened hammer, fire blued trigger and screws.  Varnished walnut grips.  Retaining nearly all of the original barrel blue, n ...Click for more info
Seller: Caledonia
Area Code: 717
PRE Side pivoting Colt pocket derringer, Third model: .41 rimfire single shot. 2 1/2 inch barrel with varnished walnut Grips. Bronze frame, brown patina on barrel. (We have another one listed, also.) ...Click for more info
Seller: Mackeys
Area Code: 252
2-1/4 barrel. This is a blue and case hardened example. Very difficult to find with 80%+ vivid case colors! 90% cylinder blue, 70% thinning barrel blue, excellent grips. Fine pistol. Leroy Merz Ant ...Click for more info
Seller: LeRoy Merz Antique Guns
Area Code: 218
$ 1,500.
Colt pocket derringer, Third model: .41 rimfire single shot. Side pivoting 2 1/2 inch barrel with varnished walnut Grips. Blued barrel and bronze frame. The frame has some remaining original nickel or ...Click for more info
Seller: mmriflemakers
Area Code: 828
This is a 3rd Model Colt Derringer which is also known as the Thuer Model Derringer. Caliber is .41 Rimfire with 2.5" round barrel. Brass frame is nickel plated with 92% remaining. Left side of f ...Click for more info
Seller: Brent Wilburn
Area Code: 770
COLT 3RD MODEL DERINGER .41 rimfire, 2 3/4" barrel finished blue. Nickel frame, casehardened hammer, and birdshead grips, The barrel retaining nearly all of the high polish blue. The nickel frame ...Click for more info
Seller: Caledonia
Area Code: 717
 Gun is solid and in good condition. ...Click for more info
Seller: Griffin & Howe
Area Code: 908
Colt Derringer 41 Cal. Nice original gun, most varnish on grips. Comes with period purse, good tight gun. $900.00 ...Click for more info
Seller: JAG
Area Code: 603
Scarce Colt third model Derringer. This is the 1st type with the protruding bolster for the frame screw, (also known as the ""pregnant frame model""). This is the later variation with serial #933. The ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Colt Camp Perry .22 cal. single shot pistol. This gun is in great shape, for the years and it was made in 1927. A great gun to target shoot, or just to collect. Buyer pays $38.00 shipping. Ships ...Click for more info
Seller: waycon
Area Code: 513
$1850.00 + Ship.
 Made between 1871-1877, this Colt .22 cal. long rimfire has 80% of the original nickel finish and authentic ivory grips.  Mechanically, the pistol works perfectly.  It appears to have ...Click for more info
Seller: OnMark USA
Area Code: 336
RAC Range started at 131,208…so this was the 400th gun out of last range.  Trigger is from Previous artillery G-Sub inspector under RAC,  Barrel and Cylinder are marked 1802, Barrel h ...Click for more info
Seller: Lane91
Area Code: 972
 USED Colt model 1892 US Army Mod. Royal air command colt 1892. Stamped Colt Da 38 Manufactured between 1892-1907. Bluing is faded. Normal wear for the time frame, with wood grips. Fully function ...Click for more info
Seller: Halifax Supply
Area Code: 386
Colt 1849 Pocket "Conversion Model" Revolver .31 caliber 5 3/4" octagon barrel Barrel address "Sam Colt NewYorkCity" All matching numbers Made in 1853 Very early ...Click for more info
Seller: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
Area Code: 417
Mfg in 1875, this is an almost new example of a factory nickel etched panel .30 caliber New Line Derringer.  Gun retains virtually all of the factory nickel finish and a perfect etched panel. Bor ...Click for more info
Seller: David Bushing LTD
Area Code: 773
ID #  5020 Make  COLT Model Description  Model 1877 Thunderer Type  Revolver Gauge  .41 Colt Price  $1,750.00 Serial #  104580 Country  American Barrel ...Click for more info
Seller: William Larkin Moore & Sons
Area Code: 480
New Price!  Up for sale is a first Gen colt made about 1902 The barrel on this gun has been bored out to accommodate 44/40 or 44 special loads. It was bored to .4285 I have shot .426 co ...Click for more info
Seller: sixgunner44
Area Code: 801
#4905 Colt 1849 Pocket Model, 152XXX(1857), 4” barrel, New York address and yet having the scarce  large IRON GUARD and backstrap! This was a variation tried by Colt in the mid-late 1850s t ...Click for more info
Seller: Tom Burness
Area Code: 530
Serial #300871, .31 caliber, 4” octagon barrel with a good bore that has some dark freckling and pitting within the grooves. This revolver was made in 1868 and has matching numbers on the frame, barr ...Click for more info
Seller: Joe Salter
Area Code: 603
#3681 Colt 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Model 2 28 Caliber Made in 1856 This is also known as the Colt Root, after the designer Elisha Root. It retains 65-70% blue and 95% grip varnish. The grips are very ...Click for more info
Seller: jamburn
Area Code: 707
#3678 Colt Open Top 22 With Ejector This is a Colt Open Top Pocket Model 22 revolver with ejector on the barrel. The serial number is 2603 P and is matching numbers. The mechanical function is very g ...Click for more info
Seller: jamburn
Area Code: 707
Colt 3rd Model Thuer derringer. Early model with pregnant frame. Gun has all early features: pregnant frame, tight curl and high hammer. The barrel address is faint, but one can still make out the ear ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Seller: Cabelas Fort Worth
Area Code: 817
The action is crisp on this 1849 colt london all 3 clicks heard tight lock up correct timing  and no wobble. this was  manufactered in 1853 under license of colt at the  the new London ...Click for more info
Seller: Rons Vintageguns
Area Code: 727
GI#: 100568093
#1007 Colt First Model Derringer .41 Rimfire, Single Shot, 2 1/2 in. Barrel Scroll Engraved ...Click for more info
Seller: Roger Bain Inc.
Area Code: 717
Colt #3 Thuer deringer. Scarce variation with high spur hammer and tight curl grips. Bore is excellent. Has 98% original nickel and has rampant Colt on frame which denoted that the gun was sold by the ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Colt 3rd model derringer. Excellent nickel Colt 3rd model derringer. Extremely sharp gun with 95% original nickel. Excellent grips and good bore. Avery high condition piece!  ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Matching numbers colt navy, 1851. Good condition.Original Colt made gun. serial number 194410. Great for a collector of antique firearms. ...Click for more info
Seller: Ponderosa Gunsmith
Area Code: 540
Colt 1851 Model Gun Case.  This an example of a reproduction of an 1851 Colt gun case. Built with the same materials and in the same style of the  original Colt contract boxes of the ...Click for more info
Seller: CMR Classic Firearms
Area Code: 011
GI#: 100518658
Seller: Kevin's of Tallahassee
Area Code: 850
Colt Early 1st Type of the #3 Thuer Derringer .41 rimfire caliber. Bore is rough. Grips are very good wood original varnish. Serial # 1235. Barrel has a blue brown patina. Action works fine. This is t ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
Colt Number 3 Thuer Derringers .41 rimfire. Matched pair serial # 18571 and 18578. One has an excellent bore, the other has two pits in the bore. Both guns have 99% original nickel. One gun has 93-95 ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
 Colt Cloverleaf .41 Rimfire Fair condition overall with some loss of nickel on cylinder, two clamp marks ahead of the cylinder on either side of the barrel, handling marks overall, grips have ve ...Click for more info
Seller: Willoughby McCabe & Co.
Area Code: 469
 Colt derringer model #3 thuer  .41 cal. rimfire. very fine condition. The barrel retains about 80%  blue some of it quite bright. The frame retains 98% bright nickel  good bore, v ...Click for more info
Seller: thommep
Area Code: 847
Seller: Pat McKune
Area Code: 218