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Army Navy Rifles
Tad over 9lb, originally 2.5", rechambered/reproofed to 60gr/300gr Flanged Mag. Webley long bar action, non-ejector, retaining a lot of color, bushed strikers, third bite, dolls head, and tight. High ...Click for more info
Seller: doublegunhq
Area Code: 325
#47025, Army & Navy C.S.L., London: A 470 Nitro Express Double Rifle Built on the Great Webley Long-Bar Action, Made in 1907, 28" Extractor Chopper Lump Barrels with a Rib Extension Dolls Hea ...Click for more info
Seller: Champlin
Area Code: 580
The case length and loading information is engraved on each side of the gun. Case 3 1/4in, Powder 142 GRS, Bullet 440 GRS. ...Click for more info
Seller: Puglisi Gun Emporium
Area Code: 218
#7297, Army & Navy C. S. L. London: A neat little Martini Cadet Falling Block Commercial Sporting Rifle (Not Government Issued) on a Francotte patent Martini action, It is a Self Cocking, Lever Operat ...Click for more info
Seller: Champlin
Area Code: 580