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Featured Gun Classifieds Single Shot Rifles - English
 ALEXANDER HENRY Hammer Falling Block Single Shot Single Shot Rifle .450 BPE 3 1/4\"   ID #4306 Make  ALEXANDER HENRY Model Hammer Falling Block Single Shot Type  Single ...Click for more info
Seller: William Larkin Moore & Sons
Area Code: 480
            George Gibbs, Bristol, England Farquarson .375 H&H Flanged Magnum custom by the late Lowell Manley of Deckersville, Michigan an ...Click for more info
Seller: Dismal River Armory
Area Code: 308
 Serial # 5xxx, circa 1870's.  An excellent classic British single shot rifle, 450 x 3 1/4" cal .  The 28.5" barrel with full length raised machine cut rib signed, " ...Click for more info
Seller: Cobwebs
Area Code: 828
Single Shot Rifles - English
.22 lr, 26" octogon bbl.,2 folding - 1 standing rear sight, great bore, fire blue receiver, straight stock, wrap a round checkering, 80%+ overall fire blue some handling wear but no hai ...Click for more info
Seller: Charlie Hancock
Area Code: 731
26" round Krieger 1:14 twist barrel with Jeffrey taper, detented-hooded full-band front sight, custom platform-based swivel stud, 1 standing and 2 folding platinum-lined island-mounted express si ...Click for more info
Seller: Hallowell & Co.
Area Code: 406
This Stevens Crack Shot Rifle chambered in .32 RF has a 20" blued tapered round barrel is fitted with fixed sights. The finish on the barrel is very worn. The bore is in very good condi ...Click for more info
Seller: The Gun Works
Area Code: 541
Alexander Henry Minature Action Rifle 25" Length of Barrel 14 1/4 Length of Pull 1 5/8 Drop at Comb 2 3/8 Drop at Heel   ...Click for more info
Area Code: 800
Here is a elegant WW Greener Martini Sporting Rifle in 6.35 x 47 (25-222 Mag). High level of fit and finish. Well figured stock with steel buttplate. Excellent bore. Barrel is 28". Weight of gun ...Click for more info
Seller: A-Coin and Stamp Gallery Inc
Area Code: 407
GI#: 100946428
2 barrels and 2 breechblocks. One barrel is in 32-40 and has a centerfire breechblock. One barrel is in 22LR and has a rimfire breechblock. Both barrels are 28" and have their own forearm and glo ...Click for more info
Seller: oranedward
Area Code: 979
British Martini Henry .577/450 Caliber Rifle Made By Enfield, Issued to Nepal. Barrel is marked N.S. N.E.P. Metal has a brown patina with etching and pitting. Bore is good with strong rifling. Stock h ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
British Martini Henry .577/450 Caliber Rifle Made By Enfield in 1887. Issued to Nepal or India at some point. Bore is very good with strong rifling. Metal has a gray patina. Wood is good with cartouch ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
BSA Martini .32-20 caliber rifle. Cadet rifle re-chambered to common .32-20 caliber. Bore is excellent. Wood is very good with minor nicks and dings. Near excellent overall condition. Note: do not car ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
This is a little gem! Very nice condition and bore! A .297/.250 \'THE ROSS\' 1882 PATENT LEVER-COCKING SINGLE-BARRELLED HAMMERLESS EJECTOR ROOK RIFLE, serial serial no. 13176, 25in. lined octagon ...Click for more info
Seller: Vintage Doubles
Area Code: 509
25" BARREL WITH  SIGHTS EXCELLENT CONDITION 5LBS 10 OZ 14 3/8 LOP   ...Click for more info
Seller: Steve Barnett Fine Guns
Area Code: 662
A real nice Martini Henry made by Wesley Richards made for ZAR (Dutch for South African Republic). This rifle has The Francotte Improvement with allowed for the removal of the action from the receiv ...Click for more info
Seller: Fuzzy1
Area Code: 304
Stunning Charles Boswell .303 single shot rifle. Completed around 1905, the rifle features a 28" octagonal barrel with matted rib, ramp foresight, one fixed 100 yard express sight and six fo ...Click for more info
Seller: Westley Richards
Area Code: 850
#985A FIELD SS DROPPING BLOCK RIFLE, 577/500 #2, 28” rd. bbl., 2 leaf folding rear sight, blade front, checkered straight grip stock, steel shotgun butt, checkered forend, eyelets for sling ...Click for more info
Seller: Jim Goergen
Area Code: 507
B.S.A. Co. Martini .32-30 caliber rifle. Made in .310 Rook caliber. These came into the U.S. and were changed into more user friendly calibers. This one is .32-20. The caliber and this handy rifle mak ...Click for more info
Seller: Collectors Firearms
Area Code: 713
This rifle has a 24 in. barrel that has a very good bore with strong rifling.  It weights 8 lbs. and is in the .450 caliber.  According to a letter from Jonathan Kirton, author of "The ...Click for more info
Seller: OnMark USA
Area Code: 336
This very original Dickson rook rifle with its original case is in very nice condition. The rifling is strong although there is some pitting just forward of the chamber. I particularly like the forw ...Click for more info
Seller: Vintage Doubles
Area Code: 509
Or, is the serial number 8696? In its original makers case and a very nice bore it is hard not to like this petite Scottish rook rifle. *** Note: To see this gun with high resolution photos and a zoo ...Click for more info
Seller: Vintage Doubles
Area Code: 509
This is a beautiful little rook rifle on the Dickson action. Note the particularly beautiful wood and a LOP for an adult! *** Note: To see this gun with high resolution photos and a zoom-in feature, ...Click for more info
Seller: Vintage Doubles
Area Code: 509
GI#: 100861628
WW Greener martini in 32-40 Win., 29" barrel with bright shiny bore.  Original barrel blue is 90%, wood surface is original and also about 90%. Sling loops, horn forend cap and grip cap. Rea ...Click for more info
Seller: Jim Westberg
Area Code: 952
G.E. LEWIS SS TIP UP RIFLE, 22" bbl. with Rigby flats, relined to 25-35, casehardened engraved frame, checkered straight grip fancy French walnut stock, steel buttplate, checkered forend, Jones u ...Click for more info
Seller: Jim Goergen
Area Code: 507
**** REDUCED ***$2,250 reduced to**** $1,950****
    Andrews 450/400 3" Nitro built on the rare Field's Patent action. Built for the 55 Cordite 400 Max Ball Service loading.  MakerC W Andrews Gauge/Caliber450/400 Nitr ...Click for more info
Seller: Schwandt Classic Arms
Area Code: 608
$3900.00 Reduced to:$ 2250.00
-Holland and Holland Single Shot Rook Rifle -.250 Semi-Smoothbore -98 New Bond St., London Address -Total Length: 42.5" -26" Octagon Barrel With 3 Leaf Folding Sight -Some frosting pres ...Click for more info
Seller: Zadeh
Area Code: 310
Action shape highly refined and altered to ressemble an Alexander Henry rifle. Bolted lock, custom barrel contour, .450 3&14". I'm happy to finish the rifle if you so desire. ...Click for more info
Seller: Bertrams
Area Code: 303
24" tapered round barrel with long full-band front sight base, broad-based swivel stud, and 1 standing silver-lined island-based rear express sight engraved 50 YDS. Top of barrel engraved “ ...Click for more info
Seller: Hallowell & Co.
Area Code: 406
#109, Westley Richards & Co. Limited, Birmingham: A Rare Westley Richards Falling Block Single Shot 1873 Deeley & Edge patent Military Carbine chambered to the .450 No. 1 Carbine 1 1/2" c ...Click for more info
Seller: Champlin
Area Code: 580
#9117, Westley Richards & Co. London: A Very Nice & Rare Westley (1/2 Double Rifle) 22 Hornet Tip Down Break Open Toplever Single Shot, The action with double underlugs and double bite; It has ...Click for more info
Seller: Champlin
Area Code: 580
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