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Antique Shotguns - Flintlock
 #823A BEAUTIFUL FRENCH FLINTLOCK FOWLING DBL. SHOTGUN, 33" bbls., 28 ga., engraved metal, beautifully shaped locks curve inward at the rear with a little tear drop shaped extension, very ni ...Click for more info
Seller: Jim Goergen
Area Code: 507
NSN, 1 3/4" bore at the muzzle, 18 3/16" flared brass barrel with a very good bore some mild verdigris along its length (heaviest towards the breech). This is an imposing weapon that has thick-walled ...Click for more info
Seller: Joe Salter
Area Code: 603
Seller: gunperson
Area Code: 408
This 20 gauge double flint muzzleloading shotgun has tapered octagon to round 30-1/2" cylinder bore barrels. The P+ grade walnut stock is mounted with a mix of brass and steel furniture, includin ...Click for more info
Seller: The Gun Works
Area Code: 541
The Miquelet flintlock mechanism was developed by the Italians and Spanish in the 17th century. The significant breakthrough was achieved combining the striking plate and the pan cover, providing both ...Click for more info
Seller: LeRoy Merz Antique Guns
Area Code: 218
$ 3,995.
NSN, .62 Caliber (approx. 20 Bore), 31" octagonal breech barrel with a good, lightly pitted bore that has a linear scratch along the right side. This is a nice looking reconverted gun that has a plum ...Click for more info
Seller: Joe Salter
Area Code: 603
NSN, .53 Caliber (approx. 32 Bore), 36" barrels with lightly freckled and pitted bores. This is a "HOOPER SQUARE, LONDON" marked gun that has been professionally reconverted to flint and has an overa ...Click for more info
Seller: Joe Salter
Area Code: 603
English Mills Fowler side-by-side .10 gauge shotgun. 30" barrels with beaded front sight. Rod is not cracked. Double trigger and hammer. Triggers will release hammers. Steel butt plate. Fancy met ...Click for more info
Seller: Mackeys
Area Code: 252
Very Fine British Coach Gun by Richard’s, excellent condition. Beautiful coach gun with smooth long stock with fine carved shell fan behind tang. Highly visible lock marked “Richard’ ...Click for more info
Seller: Big Iron Firearms & Collectibles
Area Code: 260
Here you go! this does not find its way through my shop very often (If at all!). I think the gun is either Belgium or English, it has a crown over a DN on the lock plate. Barrel is about 9" long, ...Click for more info
Seller: Michael Murphy & Sons
Area Code: 316
16 bore,  44" part octagon to round barrel with wedding band turns.  Proofs and maker's touchmarks in gold on the barrel.  Flat lock and cock with gold touchhole.  Half st ...Click for more info
Seller: Caledonia
Area Code: 717
Blunder Buss Turkish Flared steel barrel Barrel length 12" Overall length 22-1/4" Steel butt plate and trigger guard with matching decoration Silver wire inlay and decorated ...Click for more info
Area Code: 303
Flintlock 20 gauge double conversion to percussion. Has 32 inch barrels which appear sound and undented. Locks function well in 1/2 and full cock. It is unmarked, and uncleaned from a local attic coll ...Click for more info
Seller: philader
Area Code: 908
RARE Tatham & Egg Flintlock Shotgun Over / under flintlock Stalking shotgun 32" barrels This gun was assembled and made by 3 separate makers to the King of England It is embellish ...Click for more info
Seller: Elephant & Castle Fine Arms
Area Code: 417
S# 63, 41 caliber, 44 inch 1/3 Octagon swamped barrel with wedding ring transition and very good smooth bore. This fine dual valve air gun is marked "N63 Wentzlau A Neuwidt" on lockplate. This maker ...Click for more info
Seller: Joe Salter
Area Code: 603
Fine Italian made flintlock with gold inlays and silver mountings. Markings are "Giuseppe Merli in Brescia". A very old gun dating back to the 1700's to the early 1800's. Typical of ...Click for more info
Seller: LeRoy Merz Antique Guns
Area Code: 218
$ 4,375.
This English double barrel 8 gauge fowler was originally a flintlock and it was converted to percussion. The lock plates are marked T. or J. Adams and the 36 inch wire damascus barrels are Birmingham ...Click for more info
Seller: Jacob Hranowskyj
Area Code: 804
Cal 75. Bbl 14-1/2" part round and part oct. Top is marked "K D 1440 Dublin". Bbl is fitted with a spring loaded style bayonet. Bayonet is not present. Pitted locks still function fairl ...Click for more info
Seller: LeRoy Merz Antique Guns
Area Code: 218
$ 2,695.
ORNATE BOHEMIAN FLINTLOCK 16 BORE FOWLING GUN WITH PRAG (PRAGUE) TOUCHMARK CIRCA 1740-60. 57” overall with 42 ½” octagon to round barrel with swamped muzzle and a well struck maker’s touch mark on the ...Click for more info
Seller: David Condon, Inc.
Area Code: 540